Floats for Coats Fundraiser

It's really cold out there! Get a GREAT DEAL on floats AND give a coat to someone who really needs it.  

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empowerment coat jpeg.jpg

1. THE DEAL: Go to our Floats for Coats Crowdrise page and donate $100 to Empowerment. We'll send you two E-Gifts for 2 floats, valued at $130, which you can redeem at any time before it expires (365 days after purchase.) PLEASE NOTE: We unfortunately can't send float E-Gifts for donations of under $100. 

2. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: For every $100 donation, Empowerment will send 1 coat to Rochester's House of Mercy. Empowerment coats are designed for people living on the street. They convert to a sleeping bag at night and to a bag when not being worn. Each coat costs just $100. Empowerment is based in Detroit and employs formerly homeless people. 

3. AND FINALLY: The House of Mercy will distribute the coat to a very needy person, and you will get a tax deduction! Tax-deductible floats- now that's a sweet deal!

100% of your donation will go towards the securing of these great coats. This offer will end when we reach our goal of 50 coats, so act quickly!   

Questions? Write us at info@bodymindfloatcenter.com or call us at (585) 413-0616.