Is the room clean? 

Yes.  During sessions the air is saturated with microparticles of salt, a powerful sterilizing agent, which naturally kill bacteria and airborne pathogens.  Our ventilation system replaces all the air between sessions and the furniture is wiped down with antibacterial wipes.  You may get a bit of salt on your clothing, but it brushes off easily or may be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Can I bring a laptop or iPod? 

We advise you not to bring larger items such as a laptop which may be affected by the salt.  Small mp3 players or phones that can be slipped into a pocket will be fine.  As a courtesy to others, please use headphones if you wish to listen to music. Please refrain from talking on your cellphone.    

 Will I feel the salt in my throat? 

The particles of salt are so small that they are neither felt nor seen, but you are likely to taste it on your lips.  

 What if I start to cough? 

Coughing is often the first sign that Salt Therapy is working.  Micro-particles of salt in the bronchioles and nasal passages draw moisture and thin mucous.  This may result in increased coughing over the first several sessions.  Coughing symptoms should decrease thereafter.  

How many sessions are needed for treatment?  

Research has shown that 12-20 session within 8 weeks will help chronic conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, allergies and psoriasis, though we have seen many clients get relief at the first session.  Every case is different.  Children are particularly responsive to Salt Therapy. 

Who should not take Salt Therapy? 

Please check with your physician if you have any form of tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism or chronic kidney disease.  Salt therapy is not advised for those in the acute stage of any respiratory disease.

What should I wear?  

Wear comfortable clothing.  The salt will not damage clothes or leave behind residue.  Please refrain from wearing perfumes or scents, as many users of the Salt Room are sensitive or allergic to odors and chemicals.  The salt is good for your skin, so feel free to wear short sleeves and short pants.  

 Is Salt Therapy safe for children?

Yes!  It is 100% natural and safe way to treat respiratory illness. Children 9- 13 must be accompanied by an adult companion. Companions are not charged to enter the Salt Room.  Children must have a parent or guardian sign a permission form before the first visit.  

 Should I stop taking my medication or inhaler if my symptoms decrease?

No, not without the consent of a physician.  Salt Therapy is not a replacement for medical treatment.