Floating and Sleep Disorders

You toss and turn.  It has been days, perhaps weeks, since you've slept deeply.  Maybe you have a tough deadline to meet, are jet-lagged, or are going through a tough personal crisis.   The anxious thoughts won't turn off, and the bed feels so uncomfortable.  

Imagine floating effortlessly in a shallow pool of water inside a warm, dark and quiet chamber.  Your body relaxes completely, and your mind begins to explore.  Soon you find you are no longer thinking about your troubles.  You close your eyes.  There is no uncomfortable mattress to get in the way of total relaxation.  Your body feels aligned, and you feel safe.  At last, your brain can rest.  

Sleep disorders are very often stress-induced.  Floatation Therapy gives the body a complete rest, allowing endorphins to be produced.  The mood lightens.  Cortisol levels decrease, as do blood pressure and heart rate.  Anxiety and stress are relieved.  The tank is light-proof and sound-proof.  Many people fall asleep during a float session.  Studies have shown that just one session can break a long pattern of insomnia.