Floating and Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Birth magazine rated Floatation Therapy a 10 out of 10 as a useful pregnancy therapy. 

You are in your second or third trimester, and are really noticing the extra gravitational strain on your body.  You are anxious about your future, and your hormones are driving your emotions in unexpected directions.  You'd like to rest more, but your mattress is feeling like a rock.  

Imagine floating effortlessly in a shallow pool of warm water.  Your body relaxes and you can hear nothing except the movement within you: your heartbeat, your breath.  Your backache is soothed as you lie, supported in just the right way by the warm water.  You feel anxiety melting away.   

Floatation Therapy provides a safe and effective way for women to escape the physical demands of pregnancy.  The water is heated to skin temperature, 94 degrees.  Unlike a hot tub, the body's core temperature does not rise over the course of a session.  Floating takes away added strain on the spine and soothes backaches and aching joints.  Floating has been proven to help other common conditions of late-stage pregnancy- insomnia, depression and anxiety- by decreasing cortisol levels and encouraging the production of endorphins.  It is often noted that the floatation therapy creates a "mirror effect" of the baby floating in the womb of the Mother and the Mother floating in the womb-like float tank.  Women can bond with their babies in this peaceful environment.  

Check with your doctor or midwife to see if floating is right for you.  We do not recommend floating for women in the first trimester of pregnancy.