Since we opened our doors in 2013 in Rochester, we've floated thousands of people.  Here are a few of many testimonials from float-loving Rochesterians.  For more reviews, find us on Yelp and Facebook, or stop by our shop and browse through our Float Notes. 

Hi Body Mind Center! My float experience was nothing short of incredible! I walked out having a sense of restoration & like I had a full body massage. I was pain free! I went to my meditation class later that evening & had my deepest meditative experience yet! I know my float enhanced the experience, allowing for a peak! Thanks for coming to Rochester! Thanks for caring about a special needs group of people with fibromyalgia! Thanks for having a totally awesome set of staff each of whom enriched my experience through conversation.  Thanks for having discounts & reasonable pricing!    - N. B. 

Life changing!  - Peter M.

Amazing first float!! Try it once and you'll want to go back again! Great idea for stressed out college students during midterms and finals!   - H. S. 

Second float. LOVE this place!! Clean, welcoming, professional. Deep muscle relaxation and sense of peace last me for a couple days. If you go, arrive early, enjoy a cup of tea and take a minute to put your existing reality on hold. Deep breaths, center yourself and get ready to reboot.  - R. N. 

Everything about Bodymind was pure comfort. I don’t usually talk like this but what a great vibe! - N. K.  



WOW, WOW, & WOW! This was my first experience in floating and they knocked it out of the park. I have PTSD and am a Barber, so the thought of a warm, dark space, with no noise, or talking for 90 minutes is a dream come true.... The store itself is very clean, modern, and minimalist. I was afraid that it may be a little too "New Age" for me, but it is very grounded and comfortable for any person.... I'm 6'1" tall and had room. I could sit straight up without touching my head to the top. It took me about 30 minutes to calm down enough (and stop playing with the buttons for the light and door) to fully relax and then BHAM!!!!! Total relaxation. It's amazing how fast the time flew, I felt like I slept for the entire day.   - Michael R. 

The place is extremely clean and tastefully decorated. The service I received was friendly and made me feel comfortable with this new experience right away. The floating itself was absolutely incredible.... For me, this was every bit as relaxing as a massage, and it's considerably cheaper.   - R. C. 

I wish I could give this place ten stars! Had my first float today and the experience was delightful from start to finish. The center is spotless, peaceful and staffed by delightful people who are committed to delivering an exceptional experience....  I left--completely restored, refreshed and feeling fabulous. I floated this morning--and nearly eight hours later, I am still feeling significant pain reduction and an ever-increasing sense of well-being. I can't get the smile off my face-and I can't wait to return shortly to float again. To anyone experiencing body pain, fibromyalgia, work stress, or any kind of stress... or... if you want a deep meditative experience coupled with a lasting feeling of well-being, I highly recommend visiting the Bodymind Float Center and treating yourself or someone you care about to this remarkable experience.  - Ivy H.  

It's like hitting the reset button on your computer after you've had it on for a long time, clearing out all the old garbage and starting from a fresh state.... It is the most comfortable position I think I have ever been in. You can let every single muscle in your body relax completely.... You get into a mental state similar to right before you fall asleep, a different lucid but subdued sense of consciousness.  Your mind wanders and eventually you get this sense of nothingness which is great, strange as that may seem.I left feeling very relaxed, mentally clear and energized. Your senses feel keener and everything looks and sounds more vivid. I'm not the kind of guy who's into new agey therapeutic stuff, but this is different. There's science behind it and it makes sense to me.   - Alex D.