What is Floating?

Floating Overview

Inside the float tank, eight hundred pounds of pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt is dissolved in ten inches of water warmed to skin temperature. Like the Dead Sea, this extremely dense solution enables people of all body types to float effortlessly.  

The float tank is dark and quiet, greatly reducing sensory stimulation.  This unique environment frees the brain from the bulk of its processing duties and prompts the production of theta waves.

The nearly universal response to floating is one of profound relaxation and a sense of well-being, even joy.   

Why Float?

The float tank offers a safe haven in which to escape from the buzz of everyday life, focus on healing and explore different states of consciousness.  Floating has many applications: 

  • pain management, including back and neck aches, migraines, muscle and joint soreness 

  • stress management, recovery from addiction, and PTSD

  • athletic recovery and performance visualization

  • relief from discomforts of pregnancy

  • help with sleep disorders

  • spiritual discovery and meditation

  • enhanced creativity and super-learning.

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Relieve Pain

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Reduce Anxiety

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Increase Focus and Creativity

Check out our blog for even more reasons to float!


Our Tanks

1.  Our Cathedral is 6 ft tall inside and fits two comfortably. Solo floaters may book the Cathedral at no extra charge. Its two sturdy grab bars and attendant call button make it an excellent choice for those with limited mobility. This is a popular choice for those with concerns of claustrophobia.  

2. Our classic Samadhi Float Tank harks back to the original float tank model developed by Dr. John Lilly and Glenn Perry in California in the 1970's.  

3. The Escape Tank features grab bars and a spacious interior.

4. Our Cathedral Pool has no enclosure at all! The room itself provides darkness, quietness and warmth. This double-occupancy pool is a popular choice for those with concerns of claustrophobia.  Solo floaters may book the Cathedral Pool at no extra charge. 

5. Our Tranquility Pool (Rochester location only) does not have an enclosure. The room itself provides darkness, quietness and warmth. It features a beautiful pod-like shape, and is designed for solo floaters. Please note: This pool is a bit harder to enter and exit, so those with mobility issues may prefer to float in a different room. It is also a bit shorter than the others, so people much over 6’ tall may prefer another room.

Once inside, you will have the same experience in all of tanks, yet our guests do develop their favorites. Try them all!

All models have precision temperature control, an internal light and audio capability. Bring in your mp3 player and float to your own soundtrack, although we recommend silence for the most powerful experience.

Floating is Easy. Here’s How It’s Done: 

Remove any jewelry or contact lenses. Insert provided earplugs. 

  1. Shower thoroughly.

  2. Enter the float tank and enjoy your float!  You can float for up to 90 minutes.  

  3. Music will signal that your session is over. Take a moment to transition from the float tank to the shower. Rinse off thoroughly and enjoy the lasting effects of your float.

  4. Enjoy complimentary organic tea in our spacious and comfortable lobby.

Come as you are.  We supply the amenities: towels, washcloth, bathrobes, hair/body wash, conditioner and lotion.  We have spare contact lens cases and solution.  In our "Primp Room", you'll find lotion, hairspray and hair dryers for your post-float convenience.  Please check out our FAQs page for more information.    

Our ‘Primp Room’ houses hair dryer, hair spray and other amenities for you post-float convience

Our ‘Primp Room’ houses hair dryer, hair spray and other amenities for you post-float convience

Preparing for your float:

We have a couple of pre-float tips that might help make your experience even better.  

  1. We recommend that you avoid shaving for about six hours before your appointment; the saltwater can irritate freshly shaven skin. If you have any small cuts, cover them with the petroleum jelly provided.  

  2. You may have an easier time settling into your float if you avoid caffeine before your session.

Safety recommendations: 

If you have any of the following conditions, you should not float:

  • You have had your hair colored (bleach is okay) recently or a spray tan. The recommended wait time is 10 days. This will ensure that the tank solution will not discolor your hair, and your hair or spray tan will not discolor our solution.  

  • You are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

  • You have a new tattoo. The recommended wait time is four weeks. 

  • You have epilepsy that is not medically controlled and supervised.

  • You are in your first trimester of pregnancy.  

  • You have an infectious disease or large cuts or open wounds.

Ready to try it for yourself?

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