Floating for Back Pain

Many of our clients float for relief of back pain.

Floating powerfully releases muscular spasms. Your spine, less restricted and in the simulated zero gravity environment of the float tank, is free to find its own, natural alignment.

Stress-induced tension, poor posture, and chronic medical conditions all contribute to back pain. While floating isn't a panacea, it acts to minimize stress and gives your body the chance it needs to be still and supported.

Tension is relieved by having your back be fully supported, floating in 100's of pounds of Epsom salt. Simmular to laying on a hard surface without restricting mobility and without the discomfort. The meditative state floating encourages also has a physiological side effect of releasing tension in muscles.

Many of us sit hunched over a desk, carry heavy objects, or stand for hours at work. Often staying in this same position over and over will lead to discomfort in the back and beyond. By floating in salt water you are letting your back adjust itself without even trying. Think of it as a "Body Wisdom" chiropractic adjustment!

Chronic medical conditions, whether laying dormant or often flaring up are a cause of significant psychological and mental distress. Adding floating into your care routine will give your back some much-needed decompression – floaters often feel the lack of pain during a float is helpful in and of itself. If you or someone you know suffers from Fibromyalgia, we provide floats at half price to help those inflicted. You can learn more about that on our pricing page.

Floating minimizes pain and allows your spine a chance to decompress. Whether you're at a computer all day, or shoveling snow we'd love to hear how floating was effected your back (and the rest of you too)!

Patricia Sunwoo