Top 5 Reasons Pregnant Women Love to Float

Everyone can benefit from a float, but here are 5 reasons soon-to-be moms love floating!

1. Zero Gravity! By the end of pregnancy, the average woman has gained 25-35 lbs ( Our float tanks and float pools have about 1,000 lbs of Espom salt dissolved in the water. This greatly increases the density of the water and a person floating in it will be much more buoyant as a result. The saltwater simulates a zero-gravity environment. No longer does gravity pull on sore muscles and connective tissues. Our pregnant floaters LOVE this aspect of the experience.

2. Mirroring the Baby's Experience. Your baby is floating in saline liquid in a perfectly dark environment of perfectly comfortable temperature. The baby hears Mom's heartbeat, breathing and digestive noises. During a float, Mom relaxes in saltwater in a totally dark environment with of a perfectly comfortable temperature, hearing only the sounds made by her own body. Mom's experience mirrors that of the baby. Many women cherish their float time as one of bonding and connection with Baby.

3. Down Time. The world doesn't grind to a halt because you are pregnant. Bills don't pay themselves, kids don't feed themselves, houses don't self-clean (not yet, anyway...). Many women must perform all of their usual duties, while they create a new human! If there was ever a time to give yourself a some down time, pregnancy is that time. There is no place on earth that is more conducive to rest and recovery.

4. Face Down Time. When we ask moms-to-be what they miss about their pre-pregnant life, they often say they miss lying on their bellies. In a float tank, this is possible! We keep extra float pillows on hand and our knowledgeable staff can suggest ways to use them so that you can get some exquisitely restful (face) down time.

5. Contemplation and Creativity. Welcoming a new being into one's family is one of life's most exciting and joyful times. It is also one of the biggest - and sudden - changes we face. Many floaters find that the meditative state induced by the float environment offers a powerful boost to their intuition and creativity. It is not uncommon for floaters to emerge with insights into personal and spiritual issues. Sometimes unbidden, solutions to problems at home or at work emerge. Floating can help prepare Mom's body and mind for the big changes to come.

Patricia Sunwoo